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Our dental, implantology and oral surgery centers are committed to painless and creative healing. Our trained dentists and specialists use the most modern dental and dental implant procedures with the most modern background technology. We serve our patients in a calm, discreet environment in our dental clinic in Szeged.

Leading dentist

Dr. Gábor Görög, leader oral surgeon, is primarily interested in implantology and oral surgery, in which he has gained extensive experience among both domestic and foreign patients.

He finds rehabilitating implantology cases that others have said to be hopeless a particular challenge. He provides state-of-the-art dental implant procedures to his patients with state-of-the-art technology background and by the support of his excellent dental team.

Dr. Gögög Gábor
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Profile of our dentistry

Our main profile is innovative implantology and oral surgery, which is the most frightening part of the science of dentistry. We do not think in general solutions, but provide personalized, individual implant solutions to our patients. There are several procedures that are unique in dentistry, such as immediate implantation with an immediate set of teeth (All-on-six) or a surgical template for painless, non-incision surgery (digital implantation).

In addition to oral surgery, we provide services covering all areas of dentistry, from traditional conservative dental procedures to aesthetic dental solutions. With the help of our premium category equipment and tools, the more difficult-to-recognize tooth and bone changes may be treated as well. Our activity is based on the most accurate diagnosis and a preventive approach.

Priority treatments

all on six

All-on-six implantation

Immediate implantation provides a solution in the state of complete tooth loss, where the patient receives a screw-fixed temporary denture within a few days of implantation. This way, you will feel comfortable even during the healing period.


Implantation / Dental implants

During dental implantation, an implant is placed in place of the root of the lost tooth and the prosthesis is built on it. It also provides a solution for short inter-line or completely missing teeth.

digitális implantáció

Digital implantation

One of the most precise ways of implantation. The planning of the surgery is done on a computer. The pin holding the implant is implanted through a few-millimeter-wide part of the gum, to which the prosthesis is to be attached.



Taking into account the condition of the patient’s teeth, we can recommend removable or fixed prostheses, which are made of a nickel-free alloy using the help of modern technology and a computer.

éber szedáció

Conscious sedation

During conscious sedation, the patient’s perception of fear and pain is turned off with sedatives. Throughout the surgery, the patient remains in an alert, communicative state, which shall be felt as short and painless.

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Aesthetic dentistry

In today’s world, a nice and comforting appearance is crucially important. It is no different regarding our teeth either. Teeth whitening, dental veneers and other solutions for a charming and impeccable appearance.

Fogászati lézer kezelés

Dental laser treatments

The dental laser offers many advantages over traditional dental treatments. It reduces inflammation, bleeding and pain. It kills bacteria, and accelerates wound healing.

Fogászati CT

Dental CT

With the help of the CBCT imaging tool, we are able to create a 3-dimensional image of the condition of the teeth, avoiding the possible distortions and uncertainties that traditional X-rays may produce.


Treatment of periodontal diseases

By preserving and maintaining the support structure of teeth or implants, we can extend the prognosis of teeth for several years if a problem becomes clear in time. This requires regular maintenance and inspection.



The senior oral surgeon answers to questions


I have tooth missing affecting my visible front teeth, but due to my bone-deficient jaw, no implant placement has been undertaken by anyone anywhere so far. Can you help in such a hopeless situation?

Dr. Görög Gábor

the senior oral surgeon responds:

There is almost always enough bone in the lower jaw that is enough to do the implant. In the case of the upper jaw, the prosthesis can be solved with a bone prosthesis or facial implants. I suggest you visit our clinic for a free health check-up so we can help with a personalized implantation advice.


I am 68 years old, I have already lost all my teeth due to gum atrophy. I haven’t heard very good about dentures, I want something more advantageous, more comfortable.

Dr. Görög Gábor

the senior oral surgeon responds:

Our clinic is equipped with all possible means of modern implantation. We use state-of-the-art foreign technologies ranging from All-on-six technology to rehabilitate complete tooth loss all the way to digital implantation. As part of a free health check, we shall be able explore possible alternatives for you.


I am 70 years old and wearing a removable prosthesis. It is terribly disturbing that even using the strongest, most expensive denture adhesives, my dentures fall off regularly.

Dr. Görög Gábor

the senior oral surgeon responds:

There are some more advanced solutions that I can suggest:

  1. 2 implant, partially removable prosthesis
  2. 4 implant, solid partial removable prosthesis
  3. 4 implants + 10 teeth with fixed dental crowns
  4. 6 implants + 14 teeth with fixed dental crowns
  5. All-on-six, which can mean immediate implantation and immediate dentures

We look forward to discussing each alternative in person at our implantology center!


Top two double teeth are germ deficient. The number threes approach each other but are not next to each other completely, there is a large gap between the teeth. This also causes many problems in chewing. What do you suggest?

Dr. Görög Gábor

the senior oral surgeon responds:

There are several options. The best solution is orthodontics and then implantation at the site of the deficiencies. But it can also be possible to make a bridge or even dental veneers.


As a result of a teenageaccident, the upper left one tooth broke in half. Since then, it has a temporary plastic case on it that has dropped a few times and was then re-glued. I would like a final solution.

Dr. Görög Gábor

the senior oral surgeon responds:

Filling, peeling, a permanent crown, root canal treatment, tapping or even removal of the tooth and then a replacement with a dental implant may also be considered depending on the fracture line and the X-ray.


My teeth have been extremely loose lately, I feel like nothing is holding them when I do a bigger bite. It is a rather uncomfortable feeling, what should I do?

Dr. Görög Gábor

the senior oral surgeon responds:

Your complaint is most likely due to gum atrophy. Diagnosed in time, it can still be handled properly and you can use your chewing skills for many years to come. However, in the case of a late diagnosis, even the bone on which the future replacement is based may be damaged. I suggest you visit our clinic as soon as possible for a free health check so we can give a remedy your problem.

Why choose GGDENT?

Because we use the most innovative procedures.
We also provide a solution for implantation cases that others have considered hopeless.
We use painless procedures.
Our health condition assessment and consultation is free.
We provide services covering all areas of adult dentistry.
We carry out our dental procedures with the most modern technological background.
We work with the most modern materials available on the market.
We are being supported by the best dental technicians in Szeged.
At the request of the patient, it is possible to perform the dental procedures in conscious sedation.

Press release

Unfavorable bone mass is no longer a problem for dental implants

It can also be implanted for someone who has already given up on the matter due to their unfavorable jaw bone.

All on six: complete dentures within days

The dental implants made using all on six technology may serve its owner for up to 30-35 years and is almost immediately usable. An exceptionally high success can be achieved with minimal risk according to dr. Gábor Görög, The Szeged specialist of the method.

Root canal treatment doesn’t solve everything!

Did you know that barely 70% of root canal treatments are successful? In most cases, tooth extraction and prosthesis instead of root canal treatment is a safer and more permanent solution.

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