Our prices

The prices listed below are for informative purposes only:

Interventions Price
Status assessment pricesConsultationFree
Panoramic X-ray5.500 Ft
Intraoral X-ray2.500 Ft
Tooth preserving treatment pricesFissure sealing6.000 Ft
Light-curing fillings10-18.000 Ft
Inlay (composite)35.000 Ft
Ceramic inlay38.000 Ft
Gold inlay30.000 Ft
Root canal treatment (1-2-3 canals)with temporary filling7-8-10.000 Ft
Root canal filling (1-2-3 canals)10-14-20.000 Ft
Gum correction with cautery5.000 Ft
Temporary filling3.000 Ft
Esthetic dentistry pricesPorcelain veneer60.000 Ft
Aesthetic filling for front teeth27.000 Ft
Laser tooth whitening120.000 Ft
UV light curing teeth whitening45.000 Ft
Inside tooth whitening by tooth5.000 Ft
Wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid70.000Ft/ampoul
Tooth jewelry12.000 Ft + jewelry
Dental prostethics pricesComplete denture100.000 Ft
Partial denture (with metal framework)150.000 Ft
Metal-ceramic crown38.000 Ft
Zirconium crown60.000 Ft
Temporary crown/bridge piece10.000 Ft
Crown removal5.000 Ft
Post and core (Intrapulpar)15.000 Ft
Stump construction10.000 Ft
Rebasing20.000 Ft
Temporary Bonding2.000 Ft
Final bonding per crown5.000 Ft
Bite lift (deep draw foil)20.000 Ft
Bite lift (Myobrace)80.000 Ft
Tooth protecting splint20.000 Ft
Implantology pricesImplantation with an implant resembling the shape of the original root canal (Titanium)130.000 Ft
Zirconium implant (root form)160.000 Ft
Bone void filler per gram (Ossyresorb)30.000 Ft
Lyoplant membrane60.000 Ft
Sinus lifting50.000 Ft +material
Own bone extraction (from inside the mouth from the jaw root)20.000 Ft
Own bone extraction (from inside the mouth from the upward branch of the jaw)50.000 Ft
Parodontology, Dental hygiene pricesProfessional scale removal15.000 Ft
Oral hygienic consultancy5.000 Ft
Plaque painting3.000 Ft
Curettage (root surface finishing) / tooth6.000 Ft
Curettage (root surface finishing)/ dental curve) ? 14 teeth50.000 Ft
Curettage (the whole mouth once) ? 28 teeth100.000 Ft
Open curettage ? surgery / tooth15.000 Ft
Recession closing (covering of open roots)40.000 Ft
Splinting per tooth5.000 Ft
Oral surgery pricesTooth removal8-15.000 Ft
Primary tooth removal10.000 Ft
Tooth removal with suture18.000 Ft
Surgical removal of a tooth root20-40.000 Ft
Surgical removal of a third molar20-40.000 Ft
Resection of the root apex15-25.000 Ft
Cystectomy25.000 Ft
Sinus closure25.000 Ft
Prostheses prices with implantsTitanium abutment piece20.000 Ft
Zirconium abutment piece40.000 Ft
Metal-ceramic crown (to be placed on an implant)40.000 Ft
Zirconium crown (to be placed on an implant)65.000 Ft

We elaborate the treatment plan for preparing our full-range offer including the concrete details and the exact prices; however we need consultation for this, so please contact us through our website or by phone as per the call number in our „Contact”! Our prices are in HUF and they are valid for patients with Hungarian Social security number! It is possible to pay with Health Fund  cards. Please inform us at your first visit, if you wish this way of payment.