Tisztelt pácienseink! A koronavírus miatti nehéz időszakban az Országos Népegészségügyi Intézet rendelete alapján a GGDent a rendelet visszavonásáig zárva tart. Amint a rendelet visszavonásra kerül, pácienseinket ismételten fogadjuk, az időpontokat újraegyezetjük. Szíves megértésüket kérjük tisztelt pacienseinknek!

Our implantology and oral surgery centers are committed to the creative and painless cure. The most experienced professionals and modern equipment wait our patients in our clinics in Budapest and Szeged.


Our main profiles are professional implantology and oral surgery, which are the most frightening parts of the science of dentistry. Our featured task is to earn the trust of our patients in this delicate area.


One way is painless surgery without cutting, the SMART surgical template, which is a special solution in the area. In addition to oral surgery, we provide full dental care in all areas, ranging from the traditional conservative dental treatment up to the aesthetic solutions. We use high-end equipment and tools that detect the hardly recognizable tooth and bone mutations. Our activity is based on the most accurate diagnosis and preventive approach. You will be welcome in modern, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Consultancy hours
              1. Szeged
                      • Tuesday        13-19h
                      • Wednesday  08-14 h
                      • Thursday      13-19 h
                      • Friday            08-14 h
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